Younger Friends

The Very Young Friends offers fun and games for the under 5s and their carers. The group normally meets once a month, at 11.30 on the first Thursday of the month. Attendance is free with membership of the Friends, and we ask for a £1 donation from non-members, to contribute towards costs of materials and publicity.  The dates are given via the  VYFRP Facebook page We are seeking further active members to help run this group; please email us on if you’d like to help.

The Young Friends (5 to 11 year olds) are not currently active.


6 Comments on “Younger Friends”

    • cathmortimer says:

      No need to book. Just come along. It’s looking pretty busy but all are welcome to come and play in the park! £1 per child

  1. maria says:

    Hi there for the magical play in the woods activity on June 1st do we have to pre book?Looking to bring a 5 year old and 7year old. Many thanks!

  2. Maria says:

    Hi the children really enjoyed the magical play activity. Will you be running any similar events in the summer holidays? Thanks

  3. Rachel davies says:

    Hi how young is too young for this? Would love to come along but not sure how long to wait. My baby is now 8 weeks.

    • cathmortimer says:

      Come along with your little one, whenever you are ready. People often bring tiny babies along with their toddlers, and I’m sure it’ll be fine. How much he’ll get out of it, who knows (probably just sleep through), but you will get out in the fresh air and certainly meet some nice people, yourself!

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