Moral Dilemma – Litter, Anna Semlyen

To act or not to act?

That is the question
Underpinning civilisation
Omission is commission in some situations
Let me paint you a picture featuring litter
A kid drops a packet
Do you make a racket?
Or hope the council will fix it?
To me, that takes the biscuit
The do nothing option just leaves the problem
Would you walk on by? Walk on by

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing to stop it
Its better to pop it in a bin
But when do you begin?
Do you wait for the perpetrator to walk on by? Walk on by

Or do you draw attention?
Would you even mention the litter to the child?
Would you smile and ask them to do it?
The youngster that threw it?

Take responsibility, use your ability
It’s not being a busy body
It makes you somebody
To stand up for what’s right
Risk that verbal fight with the kid’s parents
About their common sense
Their sensibility for ecology, for civilised society

When litter is strewn I start to fume
Whose responsibility is that packaging?
That beer can ring that cuts the animals?
Is it theirs or is it yours?
Is it the manufacturer, the buyer, the packager?
Or the boy in the street kicking cans with his feet?
Would it be such a feat
To keep our world neat?
Or would you walk on by? Walk on by

Copyright the author and first published by Friends of Rowntree Park 2014.



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