Words from a bench, June 2015

daisy made of daisies

We had a bumper crop of offerings for the Spring 2015 edition, with a theme of ‘Birds’.

We hope you like them, and are inspired by the thoughts expressed. The park benches themselves have just been repaired and repainted, but we will shortly be placing the new QR codes on them, so that park visitors can scan and enjoy the poetry/prose, in situ.

Karen Hill-Green (editor) and Cath Mortimer (blogger) 

Carole Bromley Cockatoos
Michael Brown Starlings from a train
Richard Carpenter The swallows were here before us
Martyn Clayton The ballad of Pigeon John
Rosalind Francis Robins in Chelsea Physic Garden, May 2015
Sam Gimes The return of the Canadian airmen
Caitlin Green Fragility
Savannah Green Crooked Grace
Andy Humphrey Swallows
Ásdís Ingólfsdóttir Glóbrystingar (Robin)
Tyler Paige Leech The infinite cycle
Sara Murphy Remembering Dad
Daniela Nunnari The park
Jane Poulton Bluebirds
Heidi Rabenau Birds
Clare Rainsford Lines between trains
Jayne Shipley The Junior Missionaries Picnic in Rowntree Park 1976
Jessica Steel Sovereigns of the sky

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