Spring by Laura Munteanu

Down grass green ways, into the wood

Over a racing brook, I strode in haste

Lest the light should fail, as I knew it would

And this fresh progress gained, be lost and wasted.

So up and down these trilling green dells,

Where streams shot and splashed o’er the stone,

And sprayed the watching flowers, the bluest bells,

On to where dim evening has grown.

And on I rushed in the growing gloom blind

To the shadows that in dark menace grew,

Till last my path to the valley did wind

On to the tripping tree roots that I knew.

And thus I have trod my forefather’s way.

I live yet to journey another day.


2 Comments on “Spring by Laura Munteanu”

  1. Maria Ambani says:

    I’m so proud of you!!!!!

  2. ileana burea mama laurei says:

    sunt cea mai mandra mama din lume ca am asa o fata ,sa_mi traiesti si sa o tii tot asa,te iubesc mult.

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