Live spring by Ben Warden

For Felicity

The sunshine finds us through swaying leaves; dappled spots of warmth. I balance a lager on uneven grass and watch the barbeque smoke linger. Here in the sunshine we have endless voices. The vastness of an exceptionally sunny day lifts all limits. Any dark nights are forgotten. Here there are only bright mornings and long light evenings.

No suffocating box room.

No oppressive job.

No one who would ever put you down.

Let me roll over and kiss your cheek. The picnic blanket barely covers the mounds and divots, but this is the place to be. Lying on solid earth; connected and present.

I watch you read, listening to bird calls and breathing in freshly cut grass. We can take this day any way we want.

We can take it indoors and sit together, cuddled on the sofa in front of bad TV.

We can turn it into music, mayhem and the type of kisses where sunglasses collide.

We can take it to our friends, family and share it endlessly.

Here there is no allocation, only choice. There is no position, only respect.

Please, please forget the offered dreams; the ones that were snatched away. Please forget the tears; they were all for good reason. Open those beautiful eyes, cast them around and see the day.

Winters have been. I can’t promise you no winters, but I can promise to fight for the spring. That time to turn it all around and push, fevered and renewed, into long summers.

Summer will come and, when it does, I’ll be current. I won’t rave about the winters and bring the cold to your day. I’ll just sprawl on the grass with you.

Start fresh–live spring.

You are my summer.




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