Explosion by Thora Karitas

At first it looked like a yellow frog but, when she moved closer, it became

obvious to her that it was a completely different species. It

reminded her of a gigantic, luminous jellyfish more then anything else.

It flew over her head and, whilst it circled around the clouds, she

decided to follow it – a whirlwind of joyful spirit trickled down her

spine as she took a brave jump into the unknown – her body reacted

with a silly step-dance and she felt like flying. She tried to touch

this yellow, slimy jumbo-phenomenon and nipped at it as it looked a bit

appetising; but, by a serious stroke of bad luck, she swallowed it and

puffed up into an obese balloon, which lead up to this massive

explosion. The blast had the side-effect of bringing out thousands and

thousands of her suppressed poems, which scattered all over the place,

hitting the faces of random people who started singing adventurous

songs whilst their faces turned ivory blue.


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