Words from a bench, April 2014

Karen Cath and Asdis on a benchThe original idea for ‘Words from a Bench’ came from Iceland, a country with an intense interest and love for literature. In the capital, Reykjavik, a literary trail takes in local landmarks and offers poems through QR codes on city benches (and they love their parks too). We thought this was a great idea, and so our own writing project was created.

We’re thrilled that the April 2014 issue of ‘Words from a bench’ has pieces from both our local writers and a group of writers from Reykjavik, and we were delighted when Ásdís, one of the Icelandic authors, dropped by recently to see the QR codes on the Rowntree Park benches. The University of Iceland will also be giving our poems and prose an airing on some of their benches!



We hope that you enjoy the pieces, themed under ‘Spring Fever’.

Karen Hill-Green (editor) and Cath Mortimer (blogger) 

Photo by Savanna Green

Inga M. Beck How do you do?
Christopher Brunt Strange Encounter
Janus Christiansen I walk alone
S.L. Emilsdóttir Happiness is a warm bath
Adrian Paul Fayter The Good Long Friday
Polly Gibson Crushed cherry blossom
Karen Green Summer’s prologue
Lóa H. Hjálmtýsdóttir Spring fever
Ásdís Ingólfsdóttir The felines of the premises
Thora Karitas Explosion
Kate Lock A Walk in the Park
Rachel McHale Wild Goose Chase
Laura Munteanu Spring
Æsa Strand Viðarsdóttir A Second Spring
Æsa Strand Viðarsdóttir Diablada
Ben Warden Live spring



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