Words from a bench, February 2014

eliza's imageOur February 2014 issue of ‘Words from a Bench’ has eight pieces by local writers who have been inspired by the beauty of Rowntree Park, this time with the chilly – and sometimes chilling – theme of ‘Dead of Winter’.

Karen Hill-Green (editor) and Cath Mortimer (blogger) 

Photo by Eliza A Green

Adrian Paul Fayter Dial S for Sunshine
Martyn Clayton Conjuring with ghosts
Lucy Marsh Four years old
Laura Munteanu Remember
Chris Brunt There aren’t enough flowers in winter
Thaís Frasca Bueno Alvesh The last snowfall
Karen Hill-Green Canning the uncanny
Ben Warden Footsteps in the snow

One Comment on “Words from a bench, February 2014”

  1. David Cook says:

    enjoyed Adrian fayter’s latest Lary Di Parma. love the references to public sector workers!

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