Love in the park by Lucy Marsh

Love is the old man offering his arm

to his wife of 60 years

as she stumbles on the gravel path.

He balances on his rubber-tipped stick,

still neat in his collar and tie

as she smiles up at him.


Love is the young mother

with dark eyes creased from broken nights,

giving her last sandwich to her two-year-old son

so he can feed the ducks quacking on the pond.

She grabs his hood as he teeters on the edge.


Love is the teenager lying on the grass

texting her boyfriend in the sun.

She plucks a blade of grass

with her idle hand,

sending him a 🙂 xx.


Love is the golden Labrador

bounding after his tennis ball.

Leaping into the afternoon air,

he snatches it with eager teeth

so he can race back to his owner.


Love is this bench

with its brass plaque

engraved for the one

who often sat and gazed

here – and loved this park.


Copyright the author and first published by Friends of Rowntree Park on Nov. 26th, 2013


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