Words from a bench, November 2013

The following poems and pieces of prose are written by local writers who have been inspired by the beauty of Rowntree Park. They invite reflection and offer alternative ways to see the abundance of this lovely place. As you stroll through, find a bench and access the works with your smartphone, laptop or tablet by reading the QR code laminated there. We hope that you enjoy sitting for a few minutes reading our words.

This first collection of writings was collated and uploaded in November 2013, and will continue to be available online from this site, but the pieces linked to the QR codes will change with the seasons.

Karen Hill-Green (editor) and Cath Mortimer (blogger) 

Adrian Paul Fayter My spot
Karen Hill-Green Autumn at lunchtime bench
Laura Hyde Snippets of a Cycle
Lucy Marsh Love in the park
Laura Alexandra Munteanu Park
Ben Warden Not Concentrating
Chris Brunt In 1943 I used to drink tea

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