Lots of volunteers, March 2012

Hands-on conservation activities, in association with the Park keepers and Park Rangers. Normally once a month, on Mondays 1-3pm. For details, contact the Park Rangers (see below). This weekday timing is to fit in with the series of conservation opportunities arranged via the Park Rangers, including those at other locations.

As an example, previously we planted up around the pond, completing work funded by the York Community Pride grant, adminstered by Two Ridings Community Foundation. We had plenty of volunteers which was just as well, as we had lots of plants, and two benches to get in place!

For more information contact the City of York Park Rangers: Jenny Cairns 0783 343 6832, Office tel: 01904 553393. For up-to-date information see their Facebook page Email: ParkActive


2 Comments on “ParkActive”

  1. cathmortimer says:

    The benches are finished – and they are comfy! Thanks to Rachel and Jenny for sorting them out.

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