The Friends of Rowntree Park seek to promote the well-being of the Park. They work to support increased and diverse uses of the park, by all sections of the community. The Friends are consulted by the council on developments and changes within the park, and suggest improvements ourselves. We work with council staff (including those who were once called the ‘Park Rangers’) and we also run our own activities, which currently include the Very Young Friends of Rowntree Park (for under 5s and their parents/carers) and a volunteer gardeners group. The Young Friends of Rowntree Park (5 to 11 year olds, and their parents/carers) are not active, currently – although we would be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help run it.

Previous projects have included the Ark in the Park, ParkActive and the oral history project.

We have regular Friends’ meetings which include Council staff.

Help us in our work to keep Rowntree Park beautiful and thriving, by joining the Friends of Rowntree Park. Membership is available for a small annual subscription of £5 per household. The membership leaflet is here (it doesn’t need to be printed out in colour!), or you can email membership@rowntreepark.org.uk.  We will send you our newsletters, preferably by email (to save money and trees), or alternatively by post. This will keep you up to date with all developments and activities in the park, and as a Friend, you are part of a local community group that can affect what will happen in your park. Your membership also offers 10% discount on food and drink, at the Reading Cafe, when you produce your membership card. We offer gift memberships for the same price, or a 10-year membership (so you don’t have to remember your subscriptions each year!) for a bargain £40. For membership, contact us on membership@rowntreepark.org.uk

For other information, contact us via email, info@rowntreepark.org.uk or Facebook


10 Comments on “About”

  1. Harry Evans says:

    Sorry but on the website there is no way to contact anyone
    Please could you tell me an address so I can either ring or talk to you
    I have some questions about things I have been told
    Many thanks

    • cathmortimer says:

      Hi Harry,
      On the website, there are email addresses for the various elements of the Friends’ activities, eg for Young Friends, ParkActive and membership, and contacts for the yarnbombing project, for the Park Rangers etc. If none of these apply to your query, you can try the info@ email address. Hope this helps

  2. Louise Maule says:

    Hi who would I need to contact in regards to the summer fayre?

  3. Gill says:

    Are dogs allowed at Rowntree park ?

  4. stuaert says:

    hello, i am trying to get in contact regards the badminton courts? kind regards staurt

    • cathmortimer says:

      Hi Stuart

      There are no formal badminton courts at the park, although there is plenty of space to mark your own out – assuming that the flood waters go down in the near future!

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